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What You Need to Know

The company has established a respectable name, providing a reliable and professional service from quote to completion. With years of experience we can now offer you support on projects big or small, urgent or planned.

Whether you require a single job completed quickly and efficiently or wish to develop a long-term working relationship, where you can rely on us to coordinate ongoing works and deliver quality on projects time and time again; we work closely with our clients to ensure that we are carrying out the best service possible that caters to your exact needs and aim to deliver a quality service from start to finish. We will guarantee our works for a minimum of two years and return to the site if needed to do so. We always go beyond what is expected to ensure we are following through with our promises. 

Now we provide maintenance and installation services for domestic, industrial and commercial clients nationwide. These services remain routed in electrical engineering, however, we are now able to also offer gas and plumbing services. 

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Our Mission

We are a small, but highly effective company, with skilled individuals, who separately, bring unique experiences and training to the company and together, share the same professional goals:

  • To provide exceptional service

  • To build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers by understanding their own goals

  • We will advise our customers as best possible, regardless of the commercial benefit to us

  • To always provide the highest quality products and services possible within the framework of the customer's requirements

  • To work "in it" together with the customer

  • To solve our customers' problems through expertise and adaptability; and giving a high level of service "off the job" to ensure "on the job" is a success

  • To communicate effectively with our customers 


Company values

Professional      Responsive       Guaranteed

Environmentally Friendly

At MD Govier we understand that our operations result in emissions to air and water and also generate waste materials. It is our aim to comply with legislation in order to continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

The company aims to continue to improve environmental performance and minimise pollution created as a direct or indirect result from works carried out. We aim to minimise pollution through sustainable design and construction and thrive to continue developing the company’s environmental management system.

The company will aim to ensure that, where practicable, materials purchased will have a recycled content and have a minimal impact on the environment by correct disposal.

In addition, we aim to use the most efficient travel arrangements by planning journeys and assigning workers, who can vehicle share, in advance to upcoming projects commencing. We also regularly maintain our fleet vehicles and equipment to ensure their efficiency to help minimise air emissions.

Customer Service Standards

  1. We shall respond to your initial enquiry within 24 hours Monday to Friday. 

  2. For emergency call outs, we shall arrive on site within a 3-hour time frame. 

  3. For call outs, we shall arrive on site within a 48-hour time frame. 

  4. For quotes, where a site visit is required, this will be arranged within a 7-day time frame that is convenient to the customer. Where 7 days is not possible due to pre-arranged engagements or extraordinary circumstances, the site visit will occur as soon after as is possible. 

  5. For all project/quoted work, the customer will be assigned a project/site manager who will contact the client before, during and after the work is being completed. 

  6. Once a quote has been issued, a follow up email or phone call will be made after seven days to ensure that the quote has met all the customer’s requirements and an opportunity will be given for any amendments to be made to the quote. 

  7. Where any timeframes/deadlines cannot be met, the customer shall be informed at the earliest possible opportunity. 

  8. Once work has been completed, the customer will be given the opportunity to share some feedback with the on-site engineer in the form of the company’s electronic job card. 

  9. Once a job has been completed, customers will be contacted by the after sales team by email or by phone to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with the service they have received. 

  10. Our services are guaranteed for a minimum of two years. Where the electrical installation has failed because of the method of installation alone and not the product components or because of third party interference, we shall rectify the fault free of charge. 

We are committed to ensuring that our policies remain current and are actioned by implementing effective management strategies including thorough research, regular reviews, education of all staff (including the management team), listening to employees, suppliers, customers and other external sources and imposing deadlines to ensure any improvements are definitely followed through. 

Further policies are in place at MD Govier and are routinely reviewed and developed. These can be viewed by request. 

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