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Energy saving ideas

Having recently converted our energy supplies at HQ to fully 100% renewable sources, we are already planning our next moves to reduce our emissions further.

Obviously we shall be upgrading all our office and workshop lighting to LED, given what we do, but we have also been looking into employing an automatic shutdown system in terms of all our "plugged-in" equipment and battery chargers.

The vision

Achieving a system whereby when our equipment and devices are left on charge at the end of a shift, they can be switched off once fully charged to prevent a trickle charge throughout the night/weekend.

How we are going to achieve this...

We are very simply going to convert our existing socket circuits and install new on an isolator switch that can be switched to off as part of the shutting down procedure at the end of each shift. For the equipment that needs to be charged, we will create a socket "bank" that is on a separate circuit. The bank can be programmed by a timer so that it automatically shuts off after a set period of time, long enough to fully charge the devices, but also preventing the trickle charge overnight. Simple.

So why aren't more businesses employing this system?

This is a very small gesture to make and also very obvious. It saves on electricity consumption, reduces safety risks in terms of fires, and also contributes towards the UK's green targets, which is the most important collective goal!

To find out more or to discuss how you too could save and contribute, contact us today!

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