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Good news for electric vehicle charger owners...

OZEV have initiated the latest round of technical audits for charge points installed. During these audits, a technical inspection of the charge points will be conducted to check the charge points have been installed in line with the requirements set out in the EVHS & WCS terms and conditions. The audits will also check that information provided in support of grant applications is correct and claim payments have been correctly allocated.

Why we welcome the news...

When we have been quoting for EV chargers, we are finding that on face value we cannot compete with the price some suppliers or contractors are providing the client with.

But, once we have spoken to the client or conducted a site visit, we are asking questions about the existing state or setup of the electrical supplies and it is becoming apparent that the requirements have not been brought to the customer's attentions.

For example, some customers may require an upgraded consumer board in order to carry a power supply to the EV charger if their existing board is already at fully capacity. Without a conversation or site visit being had, the bidders cannot allow for this in the quotation, therefore making the quotes not like-for-like. Either this, or they are always making an allowance for these additional elements whether the customer requires it or not.

But what happens if this is not pointed out to the customer and the most "cost effective" quote is selected?

Surely either the customer is being stung later on with additional costs or the installation is not being carried out correctly?

Unfortunately, we know that the latter can sometimes be the case. So these checks, although they may seem like more red tape, are very welcomed within our team. More understanding of what is required for these installations should be published for the consumer, to ensure they are receiving what they believe they are buying and also to reinforce the installers who are trying to get the job done correctly.

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