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Thinking of hosting a garden party this summer?

How you can impress your guests with some mood lighting - not just on the inside, but fit for your garden too....

There are many different ways you could dress your garden this summer ready for your garden parties and BBQs. Why not use lighting to really highlight those garden features?

Using spike lighting around your water feature or rockery is a great way to get into areas around the shrubbery, which ground lights will be less likely to do. Positioning the light just that little way off the ground, allows the light to reflect off the greenery or stone, giving accents to different areas of the space which may not be visible during daylight, giving the feature a totally new lease of life at night!

If you have a wall feature around the edge of a patio or dividing a step up in the garden, the brick or stone work can be highlighted with an eyelet or brick type light, which will indicate the line of the wall. Alternatively, there are many different type lights that can shine light either up, down, or bi-directionally along the wall to both light the way and show off the craftsmanship in the wall itself. The different directions will really affect the overall image of your house and garden so it is really important to make sure you know what look you want to achieve. If you aren't sure, look at different ideas on the internet and your electrician should also be able to advise in what type of light would enhance your home best.

Whether you have a pathway leading to your bins or need to find your way from the driveway to your front door, classic ground lighting can help light your way, which can enhance the look of your property and also prevent you from twisting your ankle in the dark! There are more options with ground lights nowadays, whether you would like to go with a more traditional circular spotlight look, a square brick type, lights that you can actually drive over, or some strip lighting for a modern look, the options are almost endless. Sometimes this electrical work will need to be carried out alongside a ground worker, so again discuss this with your electrician, but this should be something they can advise you with and have access to contacts for you.

If you would like to explore your garden lighting options for this summer and looking further forwards to when the nights start drawing in, please get in contact and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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