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All your electrical needs covered

A huge range of services are available for you or your business today. Need a response quick, then call us now or complete the contact form for non-emergencies. 


NEW plumbing services available

If you have a problem that affects both your electrical and plumbing supplies, we can help. If it is an urgent problem, our team can respond quickly, or if you are planning an upgrade or refit, we can save you time by reducing the number of contractors you need to employ and organise. 


Ever expanding our services

Why not complete your work all under one roof? Our ever developing team, alongside our sister company, Co-Mech Ltd, can complete your entire installations: gas, electrical and plumbing together for commercial, industrial and domestic clients.  


Providing a professional, responsive and guaranteed service.

We will deliver a bespoke service for every customer: the attention and care of your local engineer whilst producing quality large scale design and installation. 

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