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EV Charging for commercial and domestic premises

As the nation steps up its commitment to electric vehicle usage with plans of no longer selling new diesel and petrol or many hybrid cars from 2030, it is expected that the UK will need to increase its EV sales by 1500% to meet the target. Although this radical decision by the government is an excellent move forwards towards cutting our CO2 emissions, it does mean we need to play catch up fairly quickly to ensure the infrastructure is in place to support so many of us owning electric vehicles. 

So it will come as no surprise that the EV charging market is now expanding very quickly, with many different makes and models now available. Like with anything, this means that each model offers something slightly different and choosing which charger to install will depend on its planned usage. It is really important when choosing a charger that you ensure you are buying the right product for your vehicle(s). Do you have multiple vehicles to charge? Do you have an open car park whereby the public can access your chargers? Do you need EV owners to pay for the electricity they use? Would you like to apply for a government grant? These are just some of the considerations to make when planning your charger installation. 

This is where we can help...we can offer you a service whereby we can listen to your needs and present the chargers most suitable for you, then, when your happy with the product, we can supply all chargers chosen and accessories to support the product; all groundworks as well as electrical installation can be provided for you and after installation we can process any relevant paperwork for government grant applications so that you can even make a saving on your new EV charger. 

Scroll through the images below to see just some of the products we can install for you. Remember we can provide the right charger for both domestic and commercial clients. 

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