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Net Zero Commitment

At MD Govier we are committed to recommending and using products and/or energy in the most cost-effective, efficient and environmentally responsible way as possible. We aim to achieve this by implementing effective energy management, by thorough research and regular energy reviews; educating employees; listening to our employees and customers and taking action where necessary; listening to our suppliers and other external reliable sources and actioning advice received where necessary. 

Our Company Pledge

In the Company's efforts to reducing its carbon emissions and moving closer towards becoming a carbon neutral company, we pledge that we shall achieve the following by 2030:

  1. 50% of the Company fleet shall be made up of electric vehicles, with plans developed to convert 100% of the fleet to electric vehicles.

  2. The Company shall introduce a "Cycle to work" scheme for all employees.

  3. The Company shall have developed its procurement procedure further to ensure that packaging of products received by the Company are 100% recyclable.

Energy Goals to Achieve by July 2024

Energy Goals already achieved

  1. We have made the switch to 100% renewable gas and electricity supplies at the company's head office!

  2. LED lighting upgrade has been completed with HQ offices. 

  3. Automatic shutdown system for appliances and battery operated equipment is underway. 

  4. New PIR systems to lighting have been installed for communal areas.

  5. The Company has been carrying out research for investing in a solar panel installation for the HQ roof to further improve our green energy resources. We have also been developing our skill sets by completing solar panel installation training.

  6. We have expanded our fleet with our first fully electric vehicles.  

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