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Why would you not get an LED upgrade?

With the cost of living and the rise in energy bills being at the forefront of everybody's minds at the moment, it feels like now is the time to act if you have been considering making improvements to your working environment.

This may be something that your company has been delaying due to budgets and other priorities, but what could be more important than saving money for your own business and contributing positively to a new low carbon economy.

As LED lighting is a more efficient way of lighting up your workspace, as a business you can apply for a low carbon grant which will save you up to £5000 off the project cost!!

How this works...

To apply for a low carbon grant should be very straight forward, initiating the process with a straight forward application form and copy of a supplier quote for the cost of the project. This will be submitted to a grant panel and the decision is usually made extremely quickly. You then proceed with the works and submit proof of payment for the project, to which you will usually be reimbursed within 30 days of submission. That is it!

This is obviously going to reduce the initial payout for the project, but it does not stop there...

The new LED lighting that you have just had installed is going to reduce your carbon footprint, as LEDs use on average 80% less energy than regular lighting. This can be improved further by introducing an intelligent system such as SMART lighting or a PIR system which can detect when areas are in use and automatically switch the lighting on and off - saving you more energy!

Not only this, but with the vast array of LED products that are now available you can really enhance the look of your workspace and set the exact atmosphere with light levels and ranges of colour that you want, to make your workforce and your customers more comfortable when they are in your workspace.

Boosting mood, image, and savings - start planning your company's LED upgrade today! Do some good for the planet whilst doing some good for your business.

For more information or to make an enquiry for a project you have in mind, contact us today!

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